Doug Bruv


Doug Bruv an entrepreneur who has allegedly put several business associates' fingers into actual pies, he has found romance with the beautiful Chanterelle. An expert on business, security systems, safety deposit repositories, baseball bats, automobile security, pharmaceuticals, international trade and the works of Danny Dyer.    

DOUG & DEN BRUV - Currently starring in their own fly-on-the-wall reality series THE BRUVS on UKTV channel Dave, VoD catch-up UKTVplay, dedicated Youtube channel TheBruvsTV and website

The shows chart the brothers' attempts to lead their notorious East London family - with alleged links to criminal activity - on a new course away from their bad boy past. But boys will be boys.

Cameras follow their fresh start in a new home in Essex with their old dad, sister Janice, her son Jason and WEG - West Essex Girl - Chanterelle.

The brothers have appeared on BBC Radio London, TV's London Live, BBC Essex, SCRM Radio in the USA and their own version of TV's Gogglebox. The Bruvs series won an award at the 2017 Romford International Film Festival.

The brothers are currently working on a range of other projects including books on mindfulness, crafting, baking and anger management plus a series of fitness DVDs.

The Bruvs Story