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Known for his piercing green eyes, his uncanny wit and his booming charm, Sanj Surati is a stand-up comedian and method actor born and bred in London, England. He studied theatre under John Buckingham at Feltham Community School and pursued a career as a rock musician before making his way into the acting world. Sanj has been fortunate enough to work closely with some incredible Directors including Stephen Frears, Guy Ritchie, Max Keane and Paul Andrew Williams. He has also shared the camera with comedy legends David Schwimmer, Hugh Laurie and Nick Mohammed.

Sanj’s first television debut was at the age of eight on the TV show Rainbow.

Sanj did his first stand-up comedy performance at Standon Calling on Friday 28th July 2017. Since then he has now done shows in LA, New York as well as all over London. He has supported Richard Morton, Arthur Smith and is about to support Andrew O'Neill. He has also started to do some corporate work for events and delivered a notorious 20-minute set in front of 400 people at Mozfest at the Royal Society of Arts.

He has done a few Fringe shows including Edinburgh and Brighton and has started to incorporate a music aspect to his shows where he beat-box’s with the crowd.