Charles Timson

Charles grew up in a rural area, with a family military history background, analyzing and watching loads of TV and films. He won awards at school for his comedy performances in talent shows and reading competitions. People told him he should become a comedian. Although from watching TV he also wanted to be a police detective solving murders! He also grew up with a love of rock, pop punk and country music, going to many concerts and learned to play the piano/keyboard and thought about being a musician. However being an actor or musician or even a policeman seemed at the time to be unrealistic ambitions, so he put them aside and did loads of different jobs both manual and office based. In retrospect he realizes with his personality to perform those jobs he had been acting all day long. In addition, he has travelled or lived all over the world in over 50 countries. In later life he was able to access acting courses, and use his real life experiences as a basis for his acting career, specializing in playing unusual as well as regular characters. He has appeared in many different diverse productions including commercials for Skittles and California almonds, Corporate Work for RSA and the British Red Cross, Role play training for the Metropolitan police, and Music Videos for Passenger, Dizzee Rascal and Frank Moody.