Chrystal Umoh

Chrystal Umoh is a London based actor with much ability, who is able to challenge a wide range of roles.

Chrystal attended the Arts Ed Acting Company and her recent projects have included ‘Amy’ in ‘Pronoun’ performed at the Kiln Theatre ( formally Tricycle Theatre ) ‘ Jon Venables’ in ‘Monsters’ and ‘Lisette’ in ‘L’amour Medecin’ ( performed at the Lost Theatre ) by the Arts Ed Acting Company directed by Paul Tulley.

Chrystal has also worked with Nadia Papachronopoulou at the IDSA where she performed various roles including ‘Alice’ in ‘One on One’ and led Nada to comment “ Chrystal is a dynamic, charismatic and incredibly talented actor. She has an extremely powerful presence on stage that captivates an audience. She is fantastic in both comic and dramatic roles. Would highly recommend her as I think she has superstar power and that she will have an amazing career. Super proud to have worked with her as she is so hard working, passionate and a team player.” 

Showreel – Coming Soon