Dmytro Malkov

Born in Ukraine, Dmytro Malkov in 1998 entered the faculty of Directing for Cinema, Theatre and TV at the Kyiv Institute of Cinema and Television in the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts (KNUKA).

He made films, and In his third year, he shot a documentary film-portrait “Flight 21”, for which he received third place at the Kiev International Festival of Audio-Visual Arts. While studying in the 4th year of the director’s workshop of G. Shklyarevsky, he received an award in the nomination “Hope of Television” at the festival “Velvet Season” for the documentary film-portrait “Self-taught”.

Dmytro’s work :


In 2009, with the Activvision studio, he filmed the crime series 12 Best Scammers of Ukraine. In 2010 he filmed the pilot and the first 8 episodes of the Ukrainian mystical series “Mystical Stories”, which were subsequently sold to many countries as a series format.

In addition Dmytro has directed and edited many TV and animation films.


For many years Dmytro has been acting successfully in many TV series and films in Ukraine including “Yurchishins”, “Spring in my heart”, “Heirs”, “Secret Doors”. In 2021, he got his first lead role in the Ukrainian action-thriller “Bruce” in which he performed 90% of the stunt tricks.

Movies Script

From 2008 until 2021 Dmytro has been writing a script of a full-length film Aragon – the Son of the Sun- an epic adventure genre. The film is dedicated to Trypillian culture, about which the modern viewer is still not aware. This film literally reflects everything that is happening right now in Europe, as it tells us about the confrontation between two worlds – the world of love and creation versus the world of hatred and destruction.

Following the out break of war in Ukraine Dmytro and his family are now based in Warsaw, Poland.