Nicolas Stone

Nicolas is an actor of Jewish and Bulgarian heritage. He was educated in France where he received a degree in International Economics. He also studied at a drama school in La Madeleine in Lille where he completed his first play in English as well as several plays in French. He then moved to London in 2016 and completed further acting courses at Met Film, Ealing Studios and The Film Actors Club. Nicolas will appear in “The Loneliest Boy in the World”, which will be released in 2022.

Outside of acting, Nicolas is a professionally trained drummer. He is also a fully qualified Personal Trainer, former martial arts competitor and coach. He conducts sessions with clients in various gyms across London. He specialises in high-intensity boxing training and uses his natural strength to create a presence on the big screen. He has a strong business acumen, owns shares in multiple companies and is currently in the process of opening his own gym in Central London.

Nicolas is fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian, French and Hebrew.