Rick Tonna

Rick was born in Australia in 1970, at the age of 9 he began training in Karate, one of many styles
of martial arts and he now holds high ranks in the various arts.
It was due to his passion for the martial arts that Rick via the action film of Chuck Norris began his
involvement in the film industry.
He started training as a stunt actor and developed a specific high level skill set, including
motorcycle precision riding building a good reputation and playing opposite some of Hollywoods
biggest stars
The transition from stunt actor to actor was always on the cards for Rick with his passion to perform
evident from the beginning.
Today Rick travels between Australia, Los Angeles and London fulfilling a child hood dream.
A man of action :
-Stunt Actor certified
-Motorcycle precision rider
-Martial Arts specialist – instructor – multiple high ranks in Karate and Kung fu
-Combat specialist – fight choreography
-Weapons specialist – high level firearms knowledge and training and experience
-metal fabricator