Sean Jhooty

Sean Jhooty was born and raised  in Liverpool and now based in London.

Sean, graduated from the bespoke Giles Foreman Centre for Acting, where he was awarded a full Scholarship. He has played the lead in Molieres ‘The Misanthrope’ while training and he has developed his craft by focusing on the efforts of Yat Malmgren and Christopher Fettes.

He has performed in many productions in Liverpool including ‘Shakespeare Outdoors’ which was particularly successful.

Sean can spotted immortalised on the portrait wall of the iconic Everyman Theatre in  Liverpool, where he worked with renowned artists ‘Illuminos’  in a debut audio visual display.

In addition to his stage work Sean has also had a hand in filmmaking and was awarded the rights to produce a short film which was commissioned as part of a partnership with ‘Addaction’ regarding addiction awareness.

Sean has a Diploma in Psychology and Mental Health Advocacy, and pays particular attention to these areas as to how they are developing politically and on a soceital level.

Sean likes to decompress with the means of yoga, thai chi, cycling and resistance training