Tetiana Malkova

Born in Ukraine, Tetiano Malkova graduated from the Kyiv School of TV and Radio Hosts, and took an individual acting course with Ivana Chubbak.

Constantly looking to develop her personal acting skills she invented a unique comedy personality – Eva Budyak which proved to be hugely successful and for the next two years it was a sensation on Instagram and YouTube with more than 20 million views and 120,000 followers.

Since 2019, Tetiana’s acting career really started to progress and she was regularly featuring in Ukrainian films, TV and commercials along with her live performances as an experienced jazz singer.

Following the out break of war in Ukraine Tetiana and her family are now based in Warsaw, Poland.

Recent Filmography :2022 TV-series “Na dobre i na złe”. The role “Olena Kosenko”. Directed by Jarek Marszewski and Sara Bustamante-Drozdek etc.  In production
2022 You-tube project “DramatizeMe” for USA. Leading actress till now.
2022 Feature film “Authorized to declare”. The role “Lilya”. Directed by Sergey Aksyonov. The movie was ready for release in 2022 in Ukraine
2022 Feature film “Bombastic New Year” (was in pre-production in Ukraine). The main role “Tatiana”. Directed by Dmytro Malkov.

2021 “Crow and Sparrows”. The main role “Elena Vorontsova”. Directed by Alexander Salnikov. Had to be released in April 2022
2021 Feature film “Taste of Freedom”. The role “Lesya”. Directed by Alexander Berezan». Had to be released in April 2022
2021 TV-series “The real Dad”. The main role “Yana”. Directed by Dmytro Malkov, Nikolai Pelikhov.
2021 TV-series “Sea Police”. The main role “Marina Zaichenko”. Directed by Dmitry Andreyanov, Igor Homa.
2021 TV-series “My love Strashko”. The main role “Olya Kravets”. Directed by Alya Bukhtiyarova, Maxim Mekheda.
2021 TV-series “Unfaithful”. The role “Vika”. Directed by Evgeny Baranov.

2020 TV-series “Autopsy will show – 2”. The role “Martha Taude”. Directed by Alexey Esakov.
2020 TV-series “Daddies -3”. The role “Inna”. Directed by Maxim Bernadsky.
2020 TV-series “Romance with a Detective”. The role “Tamara”. Directed by Oksana Taranenko.
2020 TV-series “District officer from DVRZ – 2”. The role “Sofia Tkachenko”. Directed by Dmitry Andreyanov.
2020 “Crystal Dream”. The role “Girlfriend”. Directed by Sergei Shcherbin
2020 T V -series “My name is Sasha”. The main role ” Angela”. Directed by Pavel Tupyk.
2020 TV-series “Cossacks. Absolutely false story”. The role “Katerina”. Directed by Alexander Breeze