Barry Keating

Barry Keating

Barry Keating is a screenwriter, game writer, narrative designer/director and a former games journalist whose work includes film, video games and comic books.

In 2013 Barry co-wrote the feature film Mamula, which was released in Turkey, the Philippines, Egypt and Serbia, where it was co-produced. The film, starring Franco Nero (Django Unchained) and Kristina Klebe (Halloween) played at a number of film festivals, including FrightFest in London, Fantaspoa in Brazil and the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. It is currently available on DVD and all streaming services.

Mamula was followed by a science fiction/horror film The Rift, which starred Wolf of Wall Street’s Katarina Cas and Dawn of the Dead’s Ken Foree. It is currently available in Europe and the US on DVD and Blu-ray.

Barry produced and wrote DownHill, a horror/thriller with a Lovecraft twist set in the world of extreme sports. The film debuted at FrightFest in 2016 where co-founder Alan Jones described it as a “ BMX Bandits meets HP Lovecraft in a fast, fun and furious gore-buster.” DownHill was release on DVD in October 2016, and is currently available to stream on Sky Cinema in the UK and Ireland.

Vlad’s Legacy, a feature was filmed in Istanbul during 2015 and then released in theatres in Turkey  and then on wider release in 2018.

Nightworld, a supernatural terror tale was shot in Bulgaria in 2015 and starred Robert Englund of A Nightmare On Elm Street fame and Dazed and Confused’s Jason London.


 Nightworld (2017)

 Havana Darkness (2017) – Vlad’s Legacy (2017) – Downhill (2016)

 The Rift (2016)

 Mamula (2014)


 Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory (2019) – Red Matter (2017)

 City of Love: Paris (2017)

 OdySight (2017)

 Steep (2016)

 Gods of Rome (2015)

 Asphalt Overdrive (2014)

 Gun Commando (2013)

 WipEout 2048 (2012)