Henry Coleman

British born Henry Coleman grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He became fascinated with the 1964 film Zulu after his father took him and his younger brothers to the Rorke’s Drift and Isandlwana battlefields in the late 1970s where they spent a week exploring the sites.

On returning to Johannesburg, Coleman hired a 16mm copy of the film and viewed it at home on the lounge wall on his Bell and Howell projector – 3 times that weekend.  He subsequently finally managed to buy his own copy of the film which he screened  for himself every couple of months. Zulu was a huge influence for Coleman in wanting  to be a filmmaker.

On his return to the UK in the 1980s he began to collect Zulu film memorabilia, and over the years, has amassed a huge and rare collection, which includes original shooting and editing scripts, the only known original storyboards to be used in the production (now included in Sheldon Hall’s book Zulu With Some Guts Behind It – Nov 2014 – Tomahawk Press), posters and stills from around the world, as well as acquiring the only known copy on the making of Zulu – 26 minutes of cinema history shot in Natal on 16mm in 1963.

In the past, Coleman has been the organiser and curator of the official and only public exhibition ever mounted on the film – it was open 6 months at the London Film  Museum on the South Bank, and 6 months in the military museum at Cardiff Castle.

His past filmed credits as director include short films, music videos and documentaries (including  on the Zulu 50th Anniversary Royal Premiere in Leicester Square in 2014), as well as working with Adam Ant, Leo Sayer, Rick Wakeman on live gigs for DVD and streaming release.

Zulu and the Zulus will be his first feature documentary.