Jarek Marszewski

Jarek Marszewski

Jarek Marszewski is a multi-award winning director and screenwriter who has gained recognition throughout the world for his innovative approach to filmmaking and unique visual style.

He studied directing at FAMU, Czech Republic’s prestigious Film and TV Academy in Prague, before graduating from the Kieslowski Film School at the Silesian University, Poland. Jarek went on to receive his PHD in Film & Theatre from the Silesian University in 2023.

His films have won over 50 awards at festivals worldwide, including BestForeign Film at Beverly Hills Film Festival, Best Picture at: Lost Angeles Film Awards, New York Film Awards, Festigious Film Festival (Los Angeles), London Eye Film Festival (UK), Fabrique du Cinema Awards (Rome, Italy), Directors Cut IFF (Vancouver, Canada), La Paz International Film Festival (Bolivia), Troia International Film Festival (Setubal, Portugal) and Maracay International Film Festival (Venezuela) to name but a few. His latest feature Bikini Blue is distributed in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America and China.

In addition to his work in film Jarek has also directed a number of high-profile international dramas such as The Conspirators (Poland, 2018/2019 – Birmingham IFF – Best TV Pilot, Santa Monica IFF – TV Series Honarable Mention) and The Murder Commission (Poland, 2016) as well as acclaimed operas such as Aida (Italy/Qatar for Al Arabia TV, 2002), Madame Butterfly (Italy/South Africa for SABC TV, 2000) and The Magic Flute (Opera Podlaska, Poland, 2014).

2018 – 2019 – CONSPIRATORS (aka MŁODY PIŁSUDSKI) – a tv series trailer

2015 – THE MURDER COMMISSION (aka KOMISJA MORDERSTW) – a tv series trailer

2014 – THE MAGIC FLUTE (aka DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE) – a stage opera trailer


Bikini Blue