Kayser Foyz

Kayser Foyz

Kayser Foyz is a playwright, illustrator and filmmaker specialising in genre stories that are inspired by his own life experiences but told in extraordinary situations of drama, action and suspense.

He’s directed nine stage productions and several short films over his career and last year he sold his first feature film at Cannes.

He is currently developing two Sci-Fi and Horror features as well as turning his successful stage production of H1TM4N inc into a TV series on a group of assassins forced by government legislation to work in an agency on sales and marketing for their kills.

He has strong technical skills behind the camera and in post-production, while also being a meticulous Producer from running a production company for two decades. He is comfortable working with large creative teams and confident in working with actors and talent to help them discover their best performance.

“Storytelling is like music, everyone knows when it’s good, but very few know how it’s good! I’m currently on that ‘how’ journey!”