Sal Kapoor

Sal is a screenwriter born and raised in London. His background as a musician in the hardcore band Huge Baby paved the way for working in theatre and writing screenplays.  The band he fronted, shook the music scene to the core as the country had never seen a rock band consisting of Asian musicians.

He has written over fifteen screenplays and has had numerous options with several global companies. He has polished scripts for some big names in the industry like the BBC (Waking the Dead) and worked with US producers such as Tom Fontana and in the UK, Lenny Henry and is developing several TV and Film scripts. 

His MA project, Legions, a TV show revolving around the lives of a group of vampires in group therapy, caught the attention of several names in the industry. 

Although he has a formal writing education, an MA in screenwriting, Sal chooses to writes genre, especially thriller and horror but transcends genre expectations by introducing themes that concern him.

His future plans include writing a novella called Little India and one day, to write narrative for computer games but for now, he continues writing scripts and extending his network.