Sam M Bell

Sam Mason Bell is a Writer/Director based in Portsmouth U.K. 

Since 2007 he has produced, directed and written various short films along with a number of micro budgeted feature films mainly in the horror genre where on occasions he has also been behind the camera.

His films include an Industrial Animals (2017), Lonely Hearts (2019), Millennial Killer (2019), The Truth Will Out (2020) Acting (2021), Decline (2021), Terror At Black Tree Forest (2021),Senseless (2022) and Home Is Where I Lay (2022). 

The Millennial Killer has been particularly successful and was an award winning film at the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival where it won Awards for Best Trailer, Best Poster and Best Feature Film 

Sam is currently working on a new feature film script as well as looking for interesting projects to personally work on or bring to his production company Trash Arts.